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Getting Started with Simple FreeRTOS Demo Projects

[See also the Quick Start Guide and the demo application introduction page.]

Try It Now, Using the Windows or Linux Port, or in QEMU

No hardware yet? Don't worry - you can run a simple blinky demo in a Windows or Linux environment using free tools and the FreeRTOS Windows or Linux port - although neither of these RTOS ports will exhibit true real time behaviour. Alternatively run the demo using the FreeRTOS Arm Cortex-M3 port in QEMU.

If you are a beginner, then don't read the main documentation pages for either the Windows or Linux RTOS ports yet, and start by configuring the example to use the blinky demo (ignore the comprehensive demo for now). Detailed instructions for Windows follows.

Instructions for Windows

Simple FreeRTOS demo using Windows
  1. If you don't already have it installed, download and install the free version of Microsoft Visual Studio.

  2. If you have not done so already, download and unzip the official FreeRTOS distribution.

  3. Start Visual Studio, then use the File|Open|Project/Solution menu item to open the Win32.sln solution file, which is located in the FreeRTOS/Demo/WIN32-MSVC directory of the official FreeRTOS distribution.

  4. Find the definition of mainCREATE_SIMPLE_BLINKY_DEMO_ONLY at the top of main.c, and make sure it is set to 1.

  5. Read the comments at the top of main_blinky.c, before compiling and then either debugging or running the application.

Output generated by simple RTOS demo under Windows
The output produced by the FreeRTOS Windows port simple blinky demo

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