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[RTOS Kernel Control]

BaseType_t xTaskCatchUpTicks( TickType_t xTicksToCatchUp );
Corrects the tick count value after the application code has held interrupts disabled for an extended period. This function is similar to vTaskStepTick(), however, unlike vTaskStepTick(), this function may move the tick count forward past a time at which a task should be remove from the blocked state. That means xTaskCatchUpTicks() may remove tasks from the blocked state.
xTicksToCatchUp The number of tick interrupts that have been missed due to interrupts being disabled. Its value is not computed automatically, so must be computed by the application writer.
pdTRUE if moving the tick count forward resulted in a task leaving the blocked state and a context switch being performed. Otherwise pdFALSE.
Example usage:
void vExampleFunction( void )
    unsigned long ulTimeBefore, ulTimeAfter;

    /* Read the current time before arbitrary processing takes place. */
    ulTimeBefore = ulGetExternalTime();

    /* Stop the timer that is generating the tick interrupt. */
    /* Perform some arbitrary processing. */
    /* Read the current time for computing elapsed time since ticks 
    were disabled. */
    ulTimeAfter = ulGetExternalTime();

    if ( xTaskCatchUpTicks( ulTimeAfter - ulTimeBefore ) == pdTRUE ) 
        /* Moving the tick count forward resulted in a context switch. */
    /* Restart the timer that is generating the tick interrupt. */


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