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New FreeRTOS Long Term Support version released
Simplifying Authenticated Cloud Connectivity for Any Device.
Designing an energy efficient and cloud-connected IoT solution with CoAP.
Introducing FreeRTOS Kernel version 11.0.0:
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All Libraries

All the libraries listed below are MIT (open source) licensed and are designed for resource constrained devices such as microcontrollers and small microprocessors. FreeRTOS core and FreeRTOS for AWS libraries do not have any dependencies other than on the standard C library – they are not even dependent on an RTOS.

Thread aware, sockets based, lightweight TCP/IP stack supporting both IPv4 and IPv6 along with multiple interfaces and multiple endpoints.

Enable your application to efficiently process command line input.

Add an open(), read(), write(), ioctl() peripheral interface to your application.

A lightweight MQTT client implementation for IoT use cases. The coreMQTT Agent library (see below) creates a thread safe agent...

A thread safe agent (or daemon) for the coreMQTT library. The coreMQTT agent includes the coreMQTT library.

A lightweight partial HTTP client implementation for IoT use cases.

The coreSNTP library provides a client for the Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) to allow devices to synchronize their system clocks with...

Describes the network transport independent interface used by FreeRTOS Core application protocols, such as coreMQTT and coreHTTP.

A lightweight partial JSON parser that implements the ECMA-404 JSON standard.

PKCS #11 an open standard cryptographic API layer (OASIS standard) that abstracts key storage, get/set properties for cryptographic objects...

Provides an LTE CAT M-1 cellular interface for FreeRTOS. The download includes examples...

A library that manages notification, download, and verification of firmware updates for IoT devices.

A library that manages a persistent, virtual representation of a device connected to AWS IoT.

A service that notifies connected IoT devices of tasks, such as OTA updates.

Monitor security metrics from your connected devices.

Provision new IoT devices without device certificates.

Generate a signature and authorization header that complies with the AWS Signature Version 4...

A buildable project and documentation article demonstrating the use of LoRaWAN with FreeRTOS.

POSIX threading wrapper for the FreeRTOS kernel’s native API. Implements a subset of the POSIX threading API.

Thread aware FAT file system — with optional long file names, caching, and directory name hashing.

MCUBoot is a configurable secure bootloader maintained by several industry leaders, with support for cryptographic verification of software images.

Delta Over-the-Air Updates reduce the size of the OTA update by sending only the binary difference...

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