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[Timer API]

 BaseType_t xTimerIsTimerActive( TimerHandle_t xTimer );

Queries a software timer to see if it is active or dormant.

A timer will be dormant if:

  1. It has been created but not started, or
  2. It is an expired one-shot timer that has not been restarted.

Timers are created in the dormant state. The xTimerStart(), xTimerReset(), xTimerStartFromISR(), xTimerResetFromISR(), xTimerChangePeriod() and xTimerChangePeriodFromISR() API functions can all be used to transition a timer into the active state.

xTimer   The timer being queried.
pdFALSE will be returned if the timer is dormant. A value other than pdFALSE will be returned if the timer is active.
Example usage:
 /* This function assumes xTimer has already
 been created. */
 void vAFunction( TimerHandle_t xTimer )
     /* or more simply and equivalently
     "if( xTimerIsTimerActive( xTimer ) )" */
     if( xTimerIsTimerActive( xTimer ) != pdFALSE )
         /* xTimer is active, do something. */
         /* xTimer is not active, do something else. */

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