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[Timer API]

 void *pvTimerGetTimerID( TimerHandle_t xTimer );

Returns the ID assigned to the software timer.

IDs are assigned to timers using the pvTimerID parameter of the call to xTimerCreate() that was used to create the timer.

An identifier (ID) is assigned to a timer when the timer is created, and can be changed at any time using the vTimerSetTimerID() API function.

If the same callback function is assigned to multiple timers, the timer identifier can be inspected inside the callback function to determine which timer actually expired.

The timer identifier can also be used to store data in the timer between calls to the timer’s callback function.

xTimer   The timer being queried.
The ID assigned to the timer being queried.
Example usage:

See the examples provided on the xTimerCreate() documentation page and the vTimerSetTimerID() documentation page.

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