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[Task Control]

task. h

BaseType_t xTaskAbortDelay( TaskHandle_t xTask );

Forces a task to leave the Blocked state, and enter the Ready state, even if the event the task was in the Blocked state to wait for has not occurred, and any specified timeout has not expired.

INCLUDE_xTaskAbortDelay must be defined as 1 for this function to be available. See the RTOS Configuration documentation for more information.

xTask   The handle of the task that will be forced out of the Blocked state.

To obtain a task's handle create the task using xTaskCreate() and make use of the pxCreatedTask parameter, or create the task using xTaskCreateStatic() and store the returned value, or use the task's name in a call to xTaskGetHandle().

If the task referenced by xTask was not in the Blocked state then pdFAIL is returned. Otherwise pdPASS is returned.

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