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FreeRTOS FAQ Contents
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How to get the most from the FreeRTOS support forum

My application does not run, what could be wrong?

Why have Amazon taken stewardship of FreeRTOS?
Do I have to be an Amazon Web Services (AWS) customer to use FreeRTOS?
Can I use FreeRTOS to connect to any cloud service?
Are Amazon also investing in the FreeRTOS kernel as a standalone component?
Have Amazon forked FreeRTOS?

What Is This All About?
What is a Real Time Operating System (RTOS)?
What is a Real Time Kernel?
What is a Real Time Scheduler?
How do I use FreeRTOS?
How do I get started?
Why use an RTOS?

How is FreeRTOS tested?
What are the mtCOVERAGE_TEST_MARKER() macros?

Why are there so many API functions?
Why is there a separate API for use in interrupts?
Why do APIs for use in ISRs set xHigherPriorityTaskWoken rather than actually perform a context switch?
Why are semaphores as large as queues?
How do I use semaphores efficiently?
Why can’t a task delete itself by exiting its implementing function?

Will FreeRTOS run under Windows?
Are the NNN development tools supported?
Is the NNN microcontroller supported?
How do I create a new port?
What is the difference between an official port, and an unsupported port?

Memory Usage, Boot Times, Context Switch Times
How much RAM does FreeRTOS use?
How much ROM does FreeRTOS use?
How long does FreeRTOS take to boot?
How long does a context switch take?
Why do queues use that much RAM?
How can I reduce the amount of RAM used?
How is RAM allocated to tasks?
How is RAM allocated to queues?
How big should a task stack be?

Can I use FreeRTOS in a commercial project?
Do I have to give away my application source code if I use FreeRTOS?
I require a commercial license, is there anything available?
Can I use FreeRTOS in a safety critical application?

How are tasks of equal priority scheduled?
How are tasks that share the idle priority scheduled?

Can a context switch occur within an ISR?
How do I write an RTOS safe ISR?
Can interrupts be nested?

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