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[Timer API]

 const char * pcTimerGetName( TimerHandle_t xTimer );

Returns the human readable text name of a software timer.

Text names are assigned to timers using the pcTimerName parameter of the call to xTimerCreate() used to create the timer.

xTimer   The timer being queried.
A pointer to the text name of the timer as a standard NULL terminated C string.
Example usage:

const char *pcTimerName = "ExampleTimer";

/* A function that creates a timer. */
static void prvCreateTimer( void )
TimerHandle_t xTimer;

    /* Create a timer. */
    xTimer = xTimerCreate( pcTimerName,           /* Text name. */
                           pdMS_TO_TICKS( 500 ),  /* Period. */
                           pdTRUE,                /* Autoreload. */
                           NULL,                  /* No ID. */
                           prvExampleCallback );  /* Callback function. */

    if( xTimer != NULL )
        xTimerStart( xTimer, portMAX_DELAY );

        /* Just to demonstrate pcTimerGetName(), query the timer's name and
        assert if it does not equal pcTimerName. */
        configASSERT( strcmp( pcTimerGetName( xTimer ), pcTimerName ) == 0 );

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