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AWS IoT Jobs


AWS IoT Jobs is a service that notifies one or more connected devices of a pending "Job". You can use a Job to manage your fleet of devices, update firmware and security certificates on your devices, or perform administrative tasks such as restarting devices and performing diagnostics. For documentation of the service, please see Jobs in the AWS IoT Core Developer Guide. Interactions with the Jobs service use MQTT, a lightweight publish-subscribe protocol. This library provides a convenient API to compose and recognize the MQTT topic strings used by the Jobs service.

The AWS IoT Jobs library is written in C and designed to be compliant with ISO C90 and MISRA C:2012. The library has no dependencies on any additional libraries other than the standard C library. It can be used with any MQTT library and any JSON library. The library has proofs showing safe memory use and no heap allocation, making it suitable for IoT microcontrollers, but also fully portable to other platforms.

This library can be freely used and is distributed under the MIT open source license.


Code Size of AWS IoT Jobs (example generated with GCC for ARM Cortex-M)
FileWith -O1 OptimizationWith -Os Optimization
Total estimates1.9K1.6K
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