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[FreeRTOS+FAT Standard API Reference]

int ff_remove( const char *pcPath );

Remove (delete, or unlink) a file from the embedded FAT file system. A file cannot be removed if it is open.


pcDirectory   A pointer to a standard null terminated C string that holds the name of the file being removed. The file name can include a relative path to the directory.


If the file was removed successfully then zero is returned.

If the file could not be removed then NULL is returned and the task’s errno is set to indicate the reason. A task can obtain its errno value using the ff_errno() API function. A file cannot be removed if it is open.

Example usage:

void vExampleFunction( void )
/* Delete a file. */
ff_remove( “/ram1/filename.txt” );

Example use of the ff_remove() API function to delete a file

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