MQTT API Reference
MQTT 3.1.1 client library

Subscribes to the given array of topic filters with a timeout.

const IotMqttSubscription_t * pSubscriptionList,
size_t subscriptionCount,
uint32_t flags,
uint32_t timeoutMs );

This function transmits an MQTT SUBSCRIBE packet to the server, then waits for a server response to the packet. Internally, this function is a call to IotMqtt_SubscribeAsync followed by IotMqtt_Wait. See IotMqtt_SubscribeAsync for more information about the MQTT SUBSCRIBE operation.

QoS 2 subscriptions are currently unsupported. Only 0 or 1 are valid for subscription QoS.
[in]mqttConnectionThe MQTT connection to use for the subscription.
[in]pSubscriptionListPointer to the first element in the array of subscriptions.
[in]subscriptionCountThe number of elements in pSubscriptionList.
[in]flagsFlags which modify the behavior of this function. See MQTT Function Flags. Currently, flags are ignored by this function; this parameter is for future-compatibility.
[in]timeoutMsIf the MQTT server does not acknowledge the subscriptions within this timeout, this function returns IOT_MQTT_TIMEOUT.
One of the following:
IotMqttError_t IotMqtt_SubscribeSync(IotMqttConnection_t mqttConnection, const IotMqttSubscription_t *pSubscriptionList, size_t subscriptionCount, uint32_t flags, uint32_t timeoutMs)
Subscribes to the given array of topic filters with a timeout.
Definition: iot_mqtt_api.c:1501
Return codes of MQTT functions.
Definition: iot_mqtt_types.h:103
struct _mqttConnection * IotMqttConnection_t
Opaque handle of an MQTT connection.
Definition: iot_mqtt_types.h:66
Information on an MQTT subscription.
Definition: iot_mqtt_types.h:550