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HTTPS Client v1.0.0 library.

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The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is a stateless application-level protocol for distributed, collaborative, hypertext information systems.

Official description of HTTP from RFC 7231

This HTTP library implements a subset of the HTTP/1.1 standard for compatibility with the AWS IoT HTTP Server and the AWS S3 HTTP Server. It is also compatible with other HTTP servers. Feature of this library include:

  • Both fully asynchronous and synchronous (blocking) API functions.
  • Application managed memory for internal context and HTTP formatted headers.
  • Thread-aware and parallelized connections.

This library does NOT support:

  • Automatic redirection. Applications will need to handle 300 level HTTP response status codes.
  • Automatic reconnection upon a server disconnect. Applications will need to try a reconnection upon network errors or preemptively disconnect and reconnect when needed.
  • Transfer Encoding chunked request messages. Transfer Encoding chunked responses are handled automatically.
  • Automatic decoding of Multipart Types, please see for more information on Multipart Types. Transfer Encoding chunked responses are the only multipart responses handled automatically.
  • Request compression or response decompression. The application must handle this on data before invoking the library API.